Happy Sunday!

2 Very important messages:

1) Lessons with Gino will be posted shortly. Please note, if you sign up and have to cancel, it is your responsibility to find a replacement otherwise you will still need to pay Gino.

2) We are seeing a pattern on cancellations less than 24 hours in advance, no shows and some unfriendly interactions with both hosts and Town staff. Our club is entirely volunteer and it takes hosts time to prepare play - this is usually done the night before so if drop outs are happening the evening/morning of, this makes things complicated and time consuming. Late drop outs will be tracked. Repeated no shows will not be tolerated. This mornings play had all three of these situations. Let’s be a big happy GTPC family and have fun together, respect each other.

More info on status of outdoor courts forthcoming.

Enjoy the sun.



Spot open at 11 tomorrow, King of the Count. I’m unable to play. Thanks

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Please visit www.georgiantrianglepc.com  for COVID Health & Safety Rules and to complete the Waiver, details regarding membership and cost of play for the indoor season.  The online Waiver must be signed prior to stepping on the courts.

Scheduled is posted on Sundays for the following week.  The onus is on the member to login in to Player Line Up to reserve their spot.  Eamil reminders will NOT be sent.

Contact Information

Contact: georgiantrianglepc@gmail.com

 GTPC website -  www.georgiantrianglepc.com