Can you please resend the new message that just cam out about GTPB winter play. I accidentally erased it.


No problem…I’ll send it in a few minutes.


Good Morning Everyone. October 15th is our last day for outdoor play and we are working hard to organize our indoor play. Monterra has given us some days but none in October due to Confererences. At this point our first day of indoor play will be Tuesday, November 2nd. Please be assured that the GTPC Board of Directors is working very hard on your behalf to come up with other options and we will communicate them to you as soon as we can.

Keep your eyes open for an email or post on Player Line Up with further information. In addition, please direct any inquiries to our email (georgiantrianglepc(miuku)gmail(piste)com).

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


I’m so sorry….but I’m really not feeling well this morning and not going to make it to pickleball. I’m court hosting, so unless another host is available to jump in, play will have to be cancelled today. So sorry everyone!


Good Morning Everyone. Club Play has been posted for the week October 10th. Let's enjoy this beautiful fall playing outside!


Sorry for the late cancel for tomorrow. I was hoping my Achilles would tolerate shoe wearing by Friday so I wouldn't need to play in bare feet again. It's still too painful and I don't think my body loved bare feet, so I'll have to sit this one out. Have fun!!