Still need a court host for regular play on October 7th. Any takers?


I will do it Cindy


Hi Cindy
I know Dennis and I are signed up for Oct 7 play and I would sign us up for hosting but at this point, I’m not 100% sure we are going to be able to play that day Sorry😔


Court host needed for both advanced play and regular play on October 7th. Only 4 registered for regular play that day so we may wind up combining the groups if numbers don't increase.


As I’m sure you know, no pickleball tomorrow as the rain is still falling:( have a good sleep in!


Hello fellow Pickleballer’s
So Bill is at the courts for the night in his rain gear squeegeeing !! Lol
He will do his best for the club!
Unfortunately I am cancelling it for Tues again!
I’ll call his cell in the Am 🤣🤣🤣
Peggy 🏓👍


That is so funny Peggy…maybe you should at least take him some coffee laced with Baileys 🤣


Got a host for the 2nd thanks. Still looking for a number of hosts for the month. Check player lineup for dates that are TBA and let me know if you can fill in one of those dates.
Cindy Green