Hi everyone looks like we are off to a great start to our indoor season at SWING! I’ve received some very good feedback on the ‘bucket system’ , the quality of the courts and the overall friendly atmosphere of play which is what gtpc is all about.

A few reminders about the SWING facility:

1) no pets are allowed inside. Please leave our
Furry friends at home when playing.

2) no outside food or drinks are to be brought
In. Water bottles are ok of course. SWING
Is also not set up to handle large amounts of
Trash so please limit what you bring in, take
Your trash with you when you leave and recycling
Bins are available inside for those items.

3) for health reasons please keep the licensed
Lounge area clear of towels, water bottles,
clothing and other personal effects.

Andrea and I will be happy to answer any questions
Or provide any clarifications to the guidelines above.

Thanks for your continued support and see you on the courts !


Hi Paula! Thank you for your feedback :)

All of the items purchased or used at Swing can be safely be disposed of in either the recycling / agco recycling or the waste bin in the bathroom. Due to health and sanitary reasons, we ask that players use the washroom for hand washing, rather than the utility/ lounge sink. There are hand towels and an appropriate disposal in there.

See you on the courts soon!


Thanks Andrea!! Maybe post a little rule list (with happy faces). See you soon.


Good morning and hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep.
Play for week commencing Nov 14 has been posted.
We have changed all play at Swing to Social Play with no hosts (use the bucket system) while we are at 2 courts only. Great feedback from our first week at Swing - yeah!
Looking for Court Hosts for King of the Court on Saturday and Ladder Play (score keeping required) on Sunday. Please email cgreen(miuku)rogers(piste)com if you can help us out.
There are 3 spots still available at Swing this afternoon - even if you have played twice, you can go ahead and sign up as we would love to have all the slots full.
Have a great week.


Hi all - just a note to let whoever is playing at Swing that the blue bag with the buckets and balls is in behind the front desk. Please return it there after play.


Hi All, I have to pull out of play today at 3:00 pm at Swing, 1 spot now open


Hi everyone quick follow up on Cindy’s message below. Slight location change , our ‘things’ are now in the first cubby in the right bottom below the sweatshirts. Please return there after play. Happy playing !


Hi Everyone, just a quick follow up to my note from yesterday. Please note that the restriction we have asked for SWING courts in November of 2 bookings per week DOES NOT APPLY TO MONTERRA since we have double the capacity at Monterra (4 courts). So even if you have signed up for 2 sessions at SWING for the week please feel free to add more sessions at Monterra on the weekends. Thanks and keep on picklin'