Tomorrow the 3.75 ladder play has only 4 people playing, Is it possible for some 3.5 level players to use at least one of the extra courts? Are there at least four 3.5 level players that could play tomorrow? (if we can take one of the empty courts at 9am).
It looks like king of the court at 11am only has two people signed up
I am looking for some play tomorrow, who can join me?


Where is the 3.75 i dont see it


That was in regards to yesterday. There is 3.75 play on Sunday.


I fell tonight playing PB, just scrapes and a
tender shoulder…unfortunately I am going to
cancel my spots for 9:00 and 10:00 tomorrow .
Sorry for
such late notice.


Feel better!


Sadly, I sliced my hand open while cutting a brick of cheese. Just got home from emerg; no sports for at least 6 days. Lesson spot with Gino on Monday 17th at 1130 available (I have to pull out) If no one wants to fill in I will pay Gino.


I have signed on. Thank you.


Heal fast Joanne!


Call out to all 3.5 players... we could use 2 more people signing up for 1:00 pm today so we have two courts in play. Thank you!!!


All play tomorrow, Tuesday will be moved indoors.