I have had to drop out from tomorrow 1-3.


Spot open today 3-5


Good morning!
Play for week commencing Nov 28 has been posted.
We have also secured an additional time slot at Swing for Nov 27.
We are looking for Court Hosts where posted - please email cgreen(miuku)rogers(piste)com
Please continue to only sign up for a max of 2 time slots at Swing per week plus Monterra.
If there is availability morning of play and Swing is not full, you can go ahead an join over and above the 2x.
Thanks for your understanding and have fun on the courts!


We need 2 more for Swing today from 3-5
Cmon you guys🤗🤗🤗


Good day!
Sadly, court time at Monterra is not available for next weekend.
King of the Court on Saturday, November 26 and Ladder Play on Sunday, November 27 has been cancelled and deleted from Player Line Up.
Luc is working to get us additional play at Swing and will be posted forthwith.
Thanks for your understand.