Good morning!
Club play for week commencing Nov 21 has been posted.
Please note that there are fewer time slots at Swing this week. Should things change, we will update.
In the meantime, continue to limit play at Swing to twice a week + you can play at Monterra.
Have a great week.


With the snow upon us Just a reminder to put your court shoes on once you are indoors at the court. Both swing and Monterra ( which has a new surface) need the court surfaces to remain dry. Both facilities have ample room to change. Thank you for your cooperation


We need one more player to make 8 at Swing Courts today. 3-5 pm


Would like to but just getting back from the recent surgery’s and played briefly this morning. Good luck


I need to cancel my Friday booking for 11am at Swing. Please jump in to fill my spot. Just had one ton of river rock delivered and need to spread it before the weekend rain and snow. Sorry for the last minute, hopefully won't happen again.


Thanks Paula for posting your open spot! This really helps keep all the available playing spots
Filled ! Luc


ATTN: THURSDAY 9-11AM Pickleball at Swing!!
The lights are located at the WINDOW end of the facility, behind the black vinyl curtain. They are mounted to the steel post just inside the original front door of the unit, at normal wall switch height.

You are the first play for the day, so kindly leave the lights on when you are finished as players will be coming on court at 11am. :) Happy playing!!