There will be a few adjustments to Saturday and Sunday play - please review the following to see if you are affected. Schedule in PLU will be updated in next 15 minutes.

9am OUTDOOR REC PLAY - moves indoors
9am INDOOR 3.5 PLAY - moves to 11am and will be combined with 3.75 (separate courts) and court host needed.
11am OUTDOOR 3.25 PLAY - cancelled due to lack of participants
11am KING OF THE COURT - cancelled due to lack of participants

9am OUTDOOR ROUND ROBIN - moves indoors
9am INDOOR 3.5/3.75 LADDER - moves indoors at 11am and is combined 11am OUTDOOR LADDER
11am INDOOR 3.0/3.25 LADDER - cancelled due to lack of participants.

Thanks for your understanding.


This afternoon play is moved into the curling rink.


Hello everyone, Due to the outdoor courts being in their current condition, we are looking into alternative playing options. Thank you for your patience.
More news to come shortly.
GTPC Board


Thank you. I saw them yesterday for the first time….it was definitely an unpleasant surprise.


I have not seen them, just wondering about outdoor play today at 1pm, is this cancelled? Thank you.


Good morning

This message is for all of the athletes who have asked to be in the upcoming Tournament Series.

All of the 6 emails have now been sent with the details you will need.

Congratulations! Buckle UP for some FUN

When making payment - if you are in multiple tournaments , please add the total and only send one e-transfer.

If you are “waitlisted” please DO NOT send any payment at this time.

Approximately one week prior to the tournament, you will receive email communication as to who you will be partnering with for the tournament. I will be completely this task.

Each tournament date has a team captain- I ask that you communicate with them directly if you have any further questions.

Remember- this is a FUN event ! Enjoy the experience.


One spot open June 16 for Rec play at 9 am - have fun everybody!