Michael responded in

Second time this week someone was a no show. Many people are available on short

Kerri responded in

I had to take Dennis out for tomorrow. Sorry it’s late


Helen and Doug Bryce have to pull out of tomorrow at 3:00. Too many family commitments.


Merry Xmas!

We have been informed that Swing is unavailable on Jan 2, so therefore play has been cancelled.

Have a wonderful day and look forward to play in 2023!



Hello everyone I will not be able to make trek
From thornbury today so if anyone lives
Close and get there safely please take my spot. Given the weather we will open up play for anyone
Who can get there (not just advanced play).

Also thanks for your Poll answers last week:

1) 55% would pay for summer indoor play

2) Most popular was 1 hour coaching drills
And 1 hour play

3) 52% want more social events and gave
Us great ideas !

We will certainly use this feedback in our 2023 planning.

Thanks again and stay warm and safe !